• Kyle J.

    Rating: 50

    The potential of Jerry's inside my stomach has at times been my only reason for treking down to Chillicothe...and my family lives there.

    I've been going here since I was wearing diapers. It was a dive bar but in recent years they have replaced two of the four light bulbs in the establishment and added some bigger TV's which has brightened the place up.

    The beer is cheap and the pizza, oh my lord the pizza!
    A few word that come to mind:
    Just enough cheese

    They also have a mango topping option which I've been dying to try for years but no one will venture there with me. You can feed an entire family for under 20 bucks and still have some leftover for the oven the next day; which is even more amazing I might add.

    Jerry's is a family memory, it will always hold a place in my heart.

  • Nate S.

    Rating: 40

    Okay, so I've eaten pizza all over the place. (I'm kind of obsessed with it, I've sought out some of the highest rated places in New England, the cradle of American pizza) I've eaten 'za from slice joints, italian restaurants, bars, chains, mom and pop places, gas stations, grocery stores, and even (shudder) burger joints. When I find new pizza, I generally can't rest until I've tried it.

    In all seriousness, I have NEVER had any pizza even remotely like Jerry's. I had the deluxe (I forget exactly what they called it), and the flavor was absolutely unique. Apparently, the main cheese they use is swiss, with cheddar on the crust, something certainly out of the ordinary for standard pizza. They use liberal amounts of oregano and and some other herb I can't quite put my finger on. The crust is wonderfully crunchy and crisp, and is enhanced by the traditional bar pizza strips it is cut into.

    The flavor is really hard to describe. I recommend you just try it, they prices are very reasonable, and it stays good even if you take it out. (It's a 20 minute drive from Jerry's to where I live, and the pizza is still good) The lack of ambiance is extreme, Jerry's is really a bar that happens to serve pizza. However, if you choose to stay, the beer is cheap and plentiful ($2 for a bottle of PBR if memory serves).

    If you're in Chillicothe, try Jerry's. It's an unmistakable slice of what Chillicothe is like, with completely unique pizza to boot.

  • Jason Hurles

    Rating: 45

    Can't wait to eat at jerrys again I am driving 10 hrs just for a medium pepperoni & cheese love this place just can't go to western ave one as all my memories are on paint street

  • A Google User

    Rating: 50

    I love pizza. But my love of pizza has led to pizza boredom with all of the national chains. A few years ago I moved to Chillicothe and friends told me to try Jerry's pizza. Oh. My. Goodness. The super thin crust is so very tasty, and the cheese....indescribably delicious! I moved out of Chillicothe to Circleville recently, and I still travel to Jerry's when I need really good pizza. If you are looking for thin crust pizza that is NOT like the others, try Jerry's.